AOL Email Login


When there are innumerable emails services present on the web, users still prefer AOL Email over other similar clients. This email has a rich and attractive users interface loaded with exceptional features. But at certain times, the users of AOL Email come across some problems in doing the changes. In this blog, you will get to know about the two main issues with their solutions that often acts as a hindrance for the users. You can anytime connect with AOL Email customer support number if you have any other doubts.

  • Customize panel size in AOL Mail : The panels in AOL Mail are designed in such a way that they are customizable according to the needs and preferences of the users. You can anyways choose what is important to you and drag it to the panel.
    1. Steps to resize panels
      • Move your cursor over the line that separates the panels
      • Click on the arrow that appears
      • Drag the arrow to the panel size you want
  • Switch between regular and basic AOL Mail:AOL Mail allows you to switch between basic and full-featured mail so you can always stay updated with your emails even when your system is not running on the latest operating system or the web browser.
    1. Switch to basic AOL Mail
      • Sign in to AOL Mail with your appropriate credentials
      • Under your Username, click options
      • Click on the basic or accessible version
    2. Switch to regular AOL Mail
      • Enter your username and password and then sign into AOL Mail
      • Under your username, click on the options
      • Choose the standard version

These were the basic options that you can always utilize to do the needful changes. Once you set the panel to the required size, it will be easier for you to access many things at the same time and similarly, you can switch between the regular and basic AOL Mail as and when you want. In case there are still any troubles with both the elaborated issues then you must not wait for any second opinion, instead just reach out to the AOL Mail technical support number where the team of skilled technicians will help you out.

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