AOL Mail not working on Android


Are you facing issues while working on AOL mail correctly if you are using it on the Android interface? If yes, then you have landed yourself in an appropriate place. This blog is written to help you out in the situation. You can read it till the end, and it is expected that it will solve your crisis. If you wish, you can also get in touch with AOL Mail Customer support and consult the techies for their expert opinion.

Here are different methods that you can try to solve the issue

  1. Update your smartphone’s firmware : Since you are using AOL mail through your Android smartphone, it becomes necessary that you install recent software updates. It will help both the applications to stay compatible with each other. AOL mail often keeps on updating itself, and if the device’s firmware doesn’t stay in sync, the issues can keep on reoccurring
  2. Use Google Chrome as your default browser : If you have Android version 4.4 or more and you wish to log in to AOL mail through a web browser, then make Google Chrome as the preferred one. Also make sure that you update the browser settings regularly, clear the cookies, history, and cache and refresh the browser when it fails to load
  3. Use AOL app instead of the Mail app : Many users prefer to log in to their AOL mail by navigating to the mail application in the settings and then selecting AOL mail for further process. Why take such a lengthy procedure? Download AOL Mail application from Playstore, enter your login information and save it. You can now view your emails without the hassle of login again and again.
  4. Force stop AOL mail and then relaunch it: If you do not intend to use the AOL app, you can take the help of this process. Go to settings and open Mail, contacts, and Calender. From the open tab, select AOL mail, and you can see an option of Force Stop. Click on that and relaunch it back again after a few minutes
  5. Delete the AOL mail account and add it back again :To complete this process, tap on Settings>Mail, Contacts and Calendar>AOL Mail>Right Click>Delete Account. To add the account back again, follow steps 1 and 2, then click on Add account and add your AOL mail details

The above-given solutions will surely save you from the trouble and solve the dilemma. If you find that this issue keeps on occurring again and again, kindly dial AOL Mail customer support number and consult the experts about the same.

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