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AOL Email Login | AOL SignIn Error

AOL email is a web application or webmail services that are available in 54 languages. It can be seen as the largest email service provider. Firstly, the users could only use the email by installing the AOL or AOL Desktop Gold software, but later on, it was introduced as a web-based email service and could work on the Internet Explorer by accessing the account through It was earlier known as Netmail and later came to be known as AOL mail. The users could initiate the process of AOL email login through a web browser rather than signing in through the AOL software. One of the shortcomings that can be associated with AOL mail is that if it remains inactive for 90 days, the email services can be deactivated. The users who have an email account are required to log in to AOL on a frequent basis, otherwise, the emails may not be delivered and sent. And if you do not regularly go with the process of email login and the activity remains suspended for 180 days, then the account would be deleted. AOL mail service is also referred to as AIM mail service. There are two ways to access the email service and sign in to AOL mail. It is either by logging through the desktop software or via a web browser.

Some General Features of AOL email

AOL email provides the following features to the users. Have a look at the following one by one.

  • The email attachment size can be extended up to 25 MB.
  • The mailbox can store up to 1000 new messages and 4000 old messages. The maximum limit can extend up to 250 GB.
  • The protocols that are supported are POP3, SMTP, and IMAP
  • Protection from spam and virus
  • Auto-correction and spell check
  • You can unsend the emails that were sent to some other inbox, but only with AOL username.

List of AOL Email sign in errors

Since being an email service like others, so AOL email sign in errors can be quite common. These are the issues that have often obstructed the people in AOL emails and they surely need to be rectified. If you are looking for the solution on how to fix AOL email sign in errors, then you should definitely keep on reading further. First, you can take a list of the existing issues and then can move to a brief discussion about the solution

  • How to create an AOL webmail login account?
  • How can the process of mail login be done through the help of a web browser?
  • What if someone has forgotten the password and cannot sign in to AOL mail?
  • Facing issues in recovering the username and not able to login to AOL email.
  • Receiving an error message that AOL mail sign in now cannot happen.
  • Server error while AOL login.
  • How can blocked AOL email account be recovered?
  • How to fix email login errors?
  • Unable to reset the AOL password.
  • How can I sign in to my AOL email, if the account has become deactivated?
  • How to resolve the issue of configuring other email services with AOL?
  • How can I sign into AOL email using the AOL Desktop Gold software?


The AOL mail login errors can move from general to specific. Here are a few ways by which you can fix the basic sign in errors.

  1. Make sure that the web browser has been updated and it is supporting the email service
  2. Delete all the cookies, caches and history of the web browser
  3. Make sure that you are entering the correct username and password and also give a quick spell check.

You cannot log in to AOL account, till the time you don’t enter the correct password. To reset the password, you can implement the given steps.

  1. Open the login page.
  2. Enter the username and click on Forgot password
  3. Choose the option to recover the password.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password via the method that you had chosen.

If you are looking for the procedure to create a new AOL mail login account, then you can take a look below:

  1. Open AOL homepage and select the sign-up link
  2. Enter the details(first and last name) as asked for
  3. Type a new username for yourself
  4. Provide the other details such as D.O.B, gender, and the Zip code
  5. Select any two or three security questions
  6. Provide an alternative username/ email address or phone number for recover
  7. Save everything and sign in to AOL email.

If your account has been blocked or hacked, you should immediately execute the given steps so as to stop any illegal activity from your account.

  1. Reset the password immediately.
  2. Also, alter the account security questions.
  3. Report a complaint with AOL customer care.

Changing the AOL password may not be a big deal if done with proper procedure. You can change a password if you feel that someone has hacked your account or if you wish to do it for your own purpose.

  1. Open AOL mail login site.
  2. Provide the username to sign into account security page.
  3. Tap on the option of ‘change password’
  4. Write the new password in the box.
  5. Confirm in once again.
  6. Click on okay and follow the instructions.